About Us

The art of glass is found in many different forms.  Ralph and
Frances Primofiore have worked with glass for many years to
design and construct beautiful art.  From traditional stained glass
to unusual fused and slumped glass, unique creations are formed.

Several steps are required to complete each piece.  The different
designs are achieved by cutting glass in various shapes to create
the desired effect.  For fused glass pieces, the glass is melded
together in a kiln at temperatures ranging between 1250 and 1365
degrees to bond the glass together.  Once the glass is blended,
the piece is “slumped” in a mold to take on the chosen shape.  

Because of the creativity and the variations that can be achieved
with different techniques, unlimited pieces are born.  Each piece is
unique and “one-of-a-kind”.  The craftsmanship that is required to
construct the pieces takes years of experience, experimentation
and is directly based upon the artists talents.

From tea lights to clocks, and everything in between, the
Primofiore’s truly create works of art.